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Newsletter juni 2014

Visitors from The Netherlands
In May WWCF Chairman Peter Maat with friends Gerbert Paanstra and Jan van Keulen visited Samrong. It was great to enjoy the hospitality and atmosphere of Samrong. Various administrative matters were discussed again and we are very pleased with the progress of the various projects.


The weather
After a relatively (too) dry spring, the rainy season has now started. It rains every day, and that makes the cultivation of the soil easy. The new plants love rain! The rice fields are now prepared and ready.



Local Sponsorship
Samrong's manager Dr Vyrak endeavors enormously to increase local involvement in an effort to reduce dependency on foreign sponsors He has for example been successful to get a sponsorship from the local Nokia Dealer KTH: Samrong received 20 chicken and 100 baby-chicken in order to refill the chicken farm after the hot spring


Foreign visitors and volunteers
In May, 64 young people from the Dunearn school from Singapore visited the project. It turned out to be a very good exchange which is both enjoyable and useful. Also, there have been visitors from Australia. A large number of volunteers, mainly from England, has worked this spring for a shorter or longer time at Samrong.



There is nothing to report on the health of children. Like in any large family, there is always some small illness, but nothing worth mentioning. However, extra precautions need to be taken against the sun. Because even for Cambodians, it is very hot when going to school on the bicycle and moped.


Serephany Sam, the right hand of Dr. Vyrak found a job in the city this spring and was succeeded by Mr. Prum Va.
After many years of invaluable help in the kitchen and in the rice fields, Grandma has indicated she wants to retire. It becomes too much for her. The kids will miss her very much, because if they were sick or not feeling well, Grandma was always there for a little attention and care. Thanks Grandma for everything you did!
Grandma is preparing dinner


Photo Gallery
The pictures on the front porch of the dormitory were very yellowed due to the sun. Very nice picture boxes were now installed. Still have to put new pictures in though!

Website & Facebook
The children are actively using Facebook and on our own website www.wwcf.nl you can often see updates and news. Also you can read back or download the Annual Report and the Newsletters from the archives.




 Namens WWCF bedanken wij al onze sponsors en donateurs voor hun ondersteuning!


Vanaf juli zijn er bij Samrong 7 nieuwe kinderen bijgekomen; in totaal zijn het er nu 67.
Sinds september dit schooljaar zijn er weer 6 kinderen doorgestroomd naar de universiteit waardoor er nu 16 studenten zijn. Ook zijn 4 kinderen naar een vakschool voor een kookopleiding gegaan.

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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
Download the annual 2016 here 

Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.