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Newsletter juni 2015

The children are generally very well and with the Khmer New Year in April, again received a new outfit. Last month, they have also received 22 well-functioning, used laptops donated by Hotel The Pavilion in Phnom Penh.


Exchange Rate
Virtually all expenses of Samrong are in US Dollars (or local currency Riel but linked to the dollar), while an important part of the fundraising is in Euro. That means that we have suffered from a decline of the Euro in 2014. And although at the moment the dollar has stabilized somewhat so it seems, this has a huge effect on us. The 'purchasing power' of the Euro has just fallen by 15%! We can do nothing about it but will make every effort to keep the impact on Samrong limited. Your support is therefore needed!


Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers
Unfortunately our sponsor Mazars has not renewed the sponsor contract with WWCF. They always prepared for us the Annual Report. We want to thank them for their support to WWCF in the past six years.
Sponsor Vogelaar has indicated that he has to reduce his contribution but will continue to support WWCF at a reduced level.

Foreign Gifts:
Rolf Schmitz, a former volunteer of Samrong from Switzerland, visited Samrong again last month after he was there four years ago. He was very surprised by the positive developments he noticed and he handed a donation of $ 3,600 to the director, Dr. Vyrak.


"Mama" Sivin with Rolf Schmitz




Board Visit
In February 2015, the Boardmembers Simone van der Putten, Sjef Philipsen and Peter Maat accompanied by friend Henk BĂ©nard visited Samrong. We have discussed the current state of affairs, the academic progress of the children, the maintenance plan and financial situation. It was a short but useful visit.


The large fishpond plays an important role in Samrong. In addition to the fresh water it provides for the kitchen, it is also is a large storage for water that irrigates the garden and the greenhouse in the dry season. Due to the absence of any bank reinforcement the pond was becoming more and more shallow, and thus had less and less storage. This spring we started to dredge the pond and make a concrete bank reinforcement.


Sivin, "the mother" of the children decided to stay longer at Samrong despite her troublesome health. She will occasionally travel to Thailand for medical checks as health care there is better developed than in Cambodia.
Unfortunately, our director Dr. Vyrak has some health problems also for which he is being checked in Thailand, but nevertheless he is present every day in the farm.
The gardener Rattana left as of May because he got a job elsewhere and he is replaced by a new staffmember.

Emma King @ Samrong
We would like to draw your attention to Emma King, an Australian volunteer who taught English to the children of Samrong last January. She has decided to come back in January 2016 as a volunteer, but wants to bring a donation. For this reason she was sponsored by friends for running the Perth Marathon in Australia on August 30, 2015. Every donation to her and hence to Samrong is more than welcome.




 On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!


Vanaf juli zijn er bij Samrong 7 nieuwe kinderen bijgekomen; in totaal zijn het er nu 67.
Sinds september dit schooljaar zijn er weer 6 kinderen doorgestroomd naar de universiteit waardoor er nu 16 studenten zijn. Ook zijn 4 kinderen naar een vakschool voor een kookopleiding gegaan.

Support from the Netherlands:
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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
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Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.