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Newsletter dec. 2009

A new road
Until recently the area between the accommodation block and the kitchen was unpaved. In the rainy season this was really very muddy. The hard soil cannot absorb the torrential rain showers. Thanks to a starting donation from a volunteer and the sale of 2 cows against $550, we were able to make a start paving the area with grit. Al work was done in-house. Each time we receive fresh funds, we continue the project. At present it is the dry season and thus we have not been able to put it to a test yet but is surely a vast improvement.





Financials 2009
Through November we received from our key sponsors, sponsors, partners, relations and donors slightly more than € 47.000 in donations and support for which we are very grateful!! We expect that also this year WWCF's overhead cost will be very low, namely 9,5%. These costs primarily consist of printed matter and accountancy and the travel expenses of Sjef Philipsen incurred during his extensive supervision of the project. Monthly salary cost in Samrong, has increased as from July last with $60 per month since we hired an Assistant Gardener Mr Captain in order to allow the children more time for their study. Mr Captain has lived on Samrong as an orphan for a number of years and subsequently went to school in Sihanoukville. He feels very committed to the project and has expressed his desire to help and support the present staff. In the next newsletter, we will share with you the annual results of 2009.

During the 2nd half of 2009, the number of children increased to 70. For the time being we do not wish to grow the number further since we have some space shortage now that two of the bedrooms are being used as classrooms.


Boardmembers on the spot

In November 2009 WWCF's board members Rene Bloem and Peter Maat visited Samrong where running business was discussed at length. As of 15 November also Sjef Philipsen, founder and board member was again in Cambodia. He supervises the completion of the greenhouse, the paving of the road and lots of other projects. He will be there until mid January 2010.




As from spring 2008 there are almost always a number of (foreign) volunteers active on the farm, mostly for teaching English. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 but occasionally more. In this connection CCSF cooperates with a Cambodian volunteer organization who provides the contacts and arranges the matching. The result of this teaching is very well noticeable and the children's English language skills (and thus their chances for a better future) are improving. You can find links to reports, pictures and videos of recent volunteers Ollie Smallwood and Rudi Young & Catherine Neal on the volunteerspage on the website.

Solarpanels, solarpumps and staffhouse
We informed you previously that we have applied for subsidy for solar electricity. The solarpanels which were donated by Eneco (through Picosol) have meanwhile arrived in Cambodia. These panels can also power two solarpumps for the watersupply. This will vastly improve the environment and the independence of the project. We have also applied for a new staffhouse to improve the living conditions of the staff and to create more space in the accommodation building. The subsidy applications is currently in the review process and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a positive decision. The people in Cambodia are on standby and ready to go!






Annual report 2008
The annual report 2008 can be downloaded from here. Besides reporting the main events in Samrong, it also includes a summary of the financials as extracted from the audited annual report. Unfortunately this report is only available in the Dutch language.

The vegetable garden is being outfitted with a cover to withstand the abundant rain showers which are typical for the Cambodian climate. CCSF obtained a subsidy from the Dutch Embassy in Thailand and from our main sponsor Rijk Zwaan. The framework was erected in the previous dry season but finishing the cover has taken much more time due to the weather circumstances and due to the fact that the import of necessary materials from Thailand took much more time than foreseen. But as from December, the works were resumed and before the next rainy season starts, the garden will be 'under cover'. ++++ news update +++++ The first part of the greenhouse has just been completed, see photo.



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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
Download the annual 2016 here 

Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.