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Newsletter december 2010

Ceremony Samrong
In 2010 three major wishes of the childrens' farm have been realized which will assist them further on their way to independency. A large greenhouse came into use with the aid from our main sponsor Rijk Zwaan and the Dutch embassy in Thailand. This greenhouse will allow the farm to grow their own vegetables and cater for their own need and, in time, sell them at the local market.

Tuinman Bonrom trots met zijn tomaten

Next there is a new staffhouse with solar panels on the rooftop. The essential batteries were installed and connected. This will allow Samrong largely to replace the diesel generator and will give the availability of power in the daytime. Thereby the children can make use of the computers and internet which will benefit their study.


In order to celebrate these accomplishments we organized a true opening ceremony on 19th November, a big party for the kids, the staff members, and the WWCF and CCSF boards. Also a few Dutch main sponsors such as Bles & de Penning, Zoeteman and Rijk Zwaan flew over. In addition the Dutch Embassy in Thailand sent a representative and there were numerous Cambodian governmental and business partners who accepted the invitation. The party was a big success with plenty of media coverage including a TV-broadcast. Some Cambodian partners have indicated that they wish to join our group of sponsors.

De officiële ingebruikname & opening

Creative kids
Samrong's children are very creative and enjoy a.o. making beautiful butterflies. For those interested, we took a few of them to Holland and offer them for sale through the web shop on our webshop. When you buy, you do support Samrong!

Vlechten met touwtjes

Solar installation
Kamworks completed and handed over the solar installation. It is working fine thanks to the donated solar panels from Eneco and Picosol and the large battery-set. It is very pleasant to be independent from the filthy diesel generator and to also have electrical power in the daytime for the computers and printers.

Staffhouse met de zonnepanelen

One of the volunteers currently active at Samrong is Carl, an American from Idaho who was sent by the Cambodia's Hope organization. He stays through May 2011 and teaches English. In addition he is involved in various other projects. His agricultural background makes him of great value to us when it comes to the greenhouse and the chickenfarm.


We have internet!
Samrong is now connected to the World wide web. A small network with 5 computers was created in the library which was connected to a shared printer and wireless internet. The children were overly enthusiastic and they have come closer connected with the rest of the World. Now we can organize the computer lessons with a lot less restrictions.


 Sponsors and donors
Thanks to a lot of mouth-to-mouth public relations we were able to welcome a few more individual donors including Jip & Janneke daycare center which has collected funds by selling small paintings made by their children.

On top of that we received a generous donation from the Snuffelpand at Ridderkerk who donated the proceeds from their 2nd hand sale. Also from England we received support via Derek Lucie-Smith who is the chairman of the Property Race Day Event. Their contribution pays for our annual fuel bill. Thank you!

In closing, we like to thank all sponsors and donors for the trust they expressed in WWCF and Samrong and we wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011!


Tragedy Waterfestival
Shortly after the opening party, Phnom Penh was hit by a true disaster. During the annual water festival a state of panic arose under the 3 million (!) visitors and more than 400 – mostly – Cambodians were killed and hundreds injured in the crowds. Fortunately Samrong's children stayed unharmed.


Een nieuwe weg (2)

In het vervolg op onze nieuwsbrief van december 2009 hebben wij diverse giften ontvangen om de verharding van de weg binnen het hek af te maken én om ook de toegangsweg buiten de poort te verbeteren. Met name in de natte tijd was die vrijwel onbegaanbaar en zelfs de tuk tuk’s bleven hopeloos steken. Met ‘alle handen aan de schop en de kruiwagen’ is het nu grondig aangepakt. Ook de volunteers keken niet werkeloos toe!

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