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Newsletter june 2012


All of the children received new clothes in celebration of the Khmer New Year. They are studying hard and frequently use the computers for their work. They also enjoy using Facebook in their free time. This activity takes place in the new computer room following the conversion of the old water tank in the spring of 2012. The conversion is now complete and thanks to the thick walls it is much cooler and less dusty. The old computer room has been converted into two new dormitories.


Thanks to the success of the children’s farm there will most likely be 11 students attending university in the next school year. However this success will also result in many additional costs. Fortunately, a number of people, including friends and sponsors of the project from Singapore, have already indicated that they want to help and support Samrong to meet the cost of these tuition fees. Further funds are required though and we continue to look for new donors and sponsors for this new group of Samrong students.



80 Steps for Samrong

Former teachers at Samrong Farm, Davina Patel and Ollie Smallwood, are appealing to other volunteers to take part in the 80 Steps for Samrong fundraising scheme (www.80steps.com). The idea is to raise money around the world to pay for the students of Samrong to attend university and continue their studies. Every $150 raised will be one step closer to the fundraising target of $12,000. Let's help our students build on their hard work (and all that great volunteer teaching they've had on the farm!). So, wherever in the world you are, if you would like to support this idea please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


On July 3, Samrong is host to a group of 17 students (boys aged 16-17 years old) and 3 teachers from the Scotch College in Melbourne. They are only able to stay for one day (far too short of course) because they are supporting another building project in Cambodia. We are sure that they will have a good time.

Samrong will also welcome further visitors over the summer - a French group in August and another Australian group in September. Each group will remain at the project for one week! All of these visits are thanks to the contacts of volunteers. Samrong stays alive in the hearts of those who have been there!

Broken tractor ...

A tractor in Cambodia, as anywhere else in the world, cannot do without oil and in the middle of a rice field you do not have everything required at hand. Things can go wrong if you wait just a bit too long! The workers just managed to bring the tractor home before it broke down. This is too bad but things like that happen. The engine was disassembled and repaired but it cost an arm and a leg: $650 for the job! We have learned a valuable lesson from this and hope it will prevent the problem from occurring again.


Rolf Schmitz strikes again!

Ex-volunteer Rolf Schmitz, chef at Hotel Laudinella in St. Moritz, Switzerland (who is well remembered by the children) organized a raffle amongst the hotel employees and donated the proceeds to Samrong. We received over €4,100 from him yesterday, a beautiful gesture.


Mr. Meng was appointed as a new staff member in December 2011. He graduated from the Agricultural University of Phnom Penh and will be offering additional support to the greenhouse and will strive to further improve the crop yield. In May, our main sponsor Rijk Zwaan visited the garden and rendered advice to the garden staff. Parts of the plastic roof are damaged and will be replaced after the rainy season.


Responsible Business event Londen

Three members of WWCF together with sponsor Rijk Zwaan and a number of English ex-Samrong volunteers took part in the Responsible Business Event held in London on 14 and 15 March. Its aim was to provide an environment for businesses, charities and social enterprises to interact with one another and to identify and work towards mutually beneficial goals. The WWCF stand received frequent visitors and a joint presentation given by the WWCF members and a representative of Rijk Zwaan was well attended. We have since been in contact with a number of event attendees, one of whom (Mr Bruce Birchall) has visited Samrong to provide a kind and generous donation of rugby equipment.



Annual Report 2011

WWCF has prepared an interesting 2011 Annual Report, which incorporates the annual figures of World Wide Children Farms (thanks to sponsor Mazars!). It will be available to download from the website in the near future once the translation is completed: www.wwcf.nl

Ollie Smallwood

Earlier this year, Ollie again visited Samrong for a few weeks. It was his second visit and he has once again been busy with teaching, coaching, and working in the garden. Even after his return to England he has remained actively involved with Samrong. We are grateful for his help and the numerous contacts and initiatives he puts forward and is involved in.



Website & Facebook

The children are actively using Facebook and you can see regular updates and news on our Facebook page, Samrong Children's Farm. You can also chat with the kids thanks to the wireless internet. The website www.wwcf.nl is also kept well up-to-date. You can retrieve previous newsletters from the website’s archive.

New sponsor

Just before closing this Newsletter, we received confirmation that Vogelaar Oil and Gas and Petrol Station Vogelaar from Rhoon have become a sponsor for a period of three years. This made us very happy! They will introduce themselves in the next newsletter.


On behalf of WWCF, we thank all our sponsors and donors for their continuous support!


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The English version of the Annual Report 2016 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
Download the annual 2016 here 

Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.