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Newsletter December 2017


Most children have been successful with their studies in the past school year.
They have made it a class higher and with additional tutoring they try to reach as high a level as possible.
Two new students joined the university this year: the ladies Seangheng who opted for chemistry and Sangmey for a nursing course. In total there are now six students and probably two will graduate in this academic year.
Unfortunately, two children have broken something playing soccer, one hand and the other one arm. With good care and treatment in the hospital they will be fine again.
A number of former students, who have graduated and have now left Samrong, have returned in August to organize a delicious meal and party for their younger "brothers and sisters", who have taken their place in the past year.


Solar panels
Our first generation of solar panels are ‘tired’ and deliver virtually no power anymore. The batteries also no longer hold the power. In short, we are in need of replacement. Fortunately, since we also have a power connection from the grid, Samrong is not in the dark. Nevertheless, we are looking to find the funds for new panels and batteries. This results in savings in electricity costs and fulfills our desire for sustainability. The solar technology and efficiency has improved considerably in recent years! But it is a costly operation (more than $ 17,000) that one will only earn back over the years. We are looking for sponsors though to realize this in 2018!
The toilets ‘in the back’ for the boys had been refurbished earlier so the toilets of the girls were next. The toilet bowl has been moved, more space has been created and a new floor has been laid. It remains 'Cambodia style' but they are very happy with it!




Samrong Children’s Farm
This is the English name we use for the farm. The term 'orphanage' is somewhat loaded these days and not all of our children are orphans. Some have one parent, or come from poor families with deplorable living conditions and without money or opportunity for schooling & training. So it was time for a new nameplate, made in-house.


The children grow up and can use a little more privacy and space. That is why a classroom was sacrificed in the dormitory to expand the dormitories. A new classroom has been built on the back grounds, next to the sports field. With school clock!


Visit Samrong
In September, board member Peter Maat again paid a short visit to Samrong. The period from July to October is usually the wet period and that was exactly right. The pond runs over and the rest of the site is also a ‘river’ from time to time. The children are used to it and handle it smoothly but it remains difficult to stay clean.
Much has been repaired or renewed over the past six months, including: a new foundation for the water tanks, a new classroom, a new roof on the guesthouse and an upgrade of the basketball court.
 The driveway on the property is paved with concrete. In the monsoon period everything is flooded and now they want to keep dry feet.


Sponsors and Donors
At the end of this year we received a generous donation from Women for Peace (Vrouwen voor Vrede) from Ridderkerk, which we are very happy with. In addition, we also want to thank all our loyal sponsors and donors for their contributions. This year, a lot has been realized for Samrong Children's Farm. Unfortunately, the government in Cambodia is still mainly focused on itself and Samrong therefore desperately needs any support from outside and we will work on that with you again in the coming year.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very beautiful 2018. 



On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!


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