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Newsletter june 2016

In February two of the girls attended a workshop Agri-tourism. at the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism.

On 1 May Theourn Theary got married which lead to a big party at Samrong. She is one of the children who lived and grew up at Samrong since the very beginning. Samrong is really her home.



After about 15 years of intensive use, we have to deal with various maintenance jobs. And with too few resources available that quickly becomes 'deferred maintenance'. Think about drainage, renovation of (plastic) pipes, tanks, lighting, etc. It takes us headaches to mobilize resources for this purpose as education, health and education of children has priority.



Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers
Rijk Zwaan: In May Gerard Hulisz paid another visit to Samrong. Across the country it has been very dry and unfortunately also the production in the greenhouse now temporarily stopped due to lack of water. Also many banana trees died. They have been replaced by new ones, and we hope they make it.
We entered again into a new sponsor-period of 3 years and next to the contribution to the garden Rijk Zwaan will help with the study cost of the children. The foreign sponsor who financed it previously stopped this spring.

Speelgoedland: We are delighted to report that we also managed to renew the 3-year agreement with this sponsor.

Koen Oosthoek, a Dutch volunteer, during February and March worked five weeks at Samrong and although it wasn’t easy at times and he was ill for a few days, he was happy and well looked after by Sivin. When he left he enjoyed a nice farewell party.







In March, the Board Members Hans van Neerbos (in Asia on holiday with his wife Inge) and Peter Maat visited Samrong. The current affairs are discussed, including the preparations for the wedding of Theary. Such a visit is always useful and overcomes the language barriers that exist sometimes.

Greenhouse and garden
Cambodia has suffered this year from an extremely long dry period and the previous wet season was not wet enough. We are looking forward to the monsoon rains! Irrigation of crops by hand takes a lot of manpower and the water level in the big pond is very low. The garden and greenhouses do less well than expected this spring, and due to staff turnover also some knowledge disappears. This requires constant attention and coaching.



Sivin, "the mother" of the children will really retire in June and then wants to lead a quieter life in the  Pagoda, close to Samrong.
Mr. Nem had temporary problems with his health by which he could not take care of the cows. This was then taken over by his wife who also works at Samrong. Mr. Va, assistant to Dr. Vyrak had initially another job in a restaurant but now works full time at Samrong


Our livestock consists of - on average because there regularly calves and sometimes we sell a cow -  about 15 cows. They give Samrong the farm character and provide manure for the crops and were necessary for rice cultivation. Since we can no longer use the rice fields (the owner needs them for himself) we consider selling the cows, at an appropriate time. The daily 'grazing' takes quite a lot of time and manpower and in some periods the cows require extra food. That expenditure can be spent differently.




  On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!


Vanaf juli zijn er bij Samrong 7 nieuwe kinderen bijgekomen; in totaal zijn het er nu 67.
Sinds september dit schooljaar zijn er weer 6 kinderen doorgestroomd naar de universiteit waardoor er nu 16 studenten zijn. Ook zijn 4 kinderen naar een vakschool voor een kookopleiding gegaan.

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