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Newsletter december 2016


In the past six months, much has changed in the composition of the children. The older children, most of whom were university students, left almost all because they had graduated and already had a (part-time) job. They chose to live on their own in the city or to return to their families. They visit regularly their "old house" though. We are very pleased with this great success of the teaching farm Samrong.

There are still three older students at Samrong and of course, a number of which are still in High School.

The number of open places has been replenished with new young children as from 6 years old, so the total is now 55 children. This includes the four grandchildren who were left by a granny because she could no longer care for them herself. This happened during our visit to Samrong in October. After a short adjustment period, these little children were very soon playing nicely with others including rock and run through puddles as well as transport wheelbarrows with leaves. Granny could therefore leave with a somewhat calmer heart.

The number of children is currently limited to 55 because of increase of cost and due to the limited budget. With additional funds we could extend it again to 70 children.


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Sivin, the "old mother" of the children at the age of 69, left for health reasons. She started life as a Buddhist nun in a pagoda 30 km north of Phnom Penh.

We visited her to hand her a “thank you”-gift, and were impressed by the austere life, without possessions, that she wanted to live: live with two nuns in a small hut with no table or chair and bed, electricity only between 18:00 and 20:00 hr and no running water and, in addition, attend school every day to study the teachings of Buddha.

Mrs. Phanny has been added to the staff and she took over some tasks from Sivin. In addition, she teaches English if there are no volunteers.

Theary, one of the first children who came to Samrong, married in May and lives with her husband in a small house on the property. Although she graduated in accounting, she chose to work as a staffmember at Samrong and she takes care of the kitchen and the food.


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Visit Samrong

During the first week of October the board members Peter Maat and Simone van der Putten have visited Samrong. Still plenty of monsoon and prolonged rains flooding the property: excellent for ducks and geese to bathe and for the children to play in, but also difficult for others including working in the garden.

Cows are sold except for three, there are still plenty of chickens, ducks and geese, and it was mostly green now. As from August, we enjoy a water connection to the city’s public waterlines.

We visited Sivin in the pagoda, and visited the accountants in the city. Simone attended a football match together with one of the kids in the Olympic stadium (in the pouring rain) and together with the staff we have analyzed the past year and looked at necessary changes, additions and wishes for 2017.

december 2016-9


Foreign volunteers play an important role in Samrong. Mostly they teach English to the children (various age groups) and play with the children. therefore the children speaking skills improves greatly and they meet foreigners and other cultures and customs. The volunteer lives in one of the simple guest houses and  - in our experience - has a wonderful time which leads to lifelong friendships. We can always use volunteers and if you want to spend a few weeks or months at Samrong (for example, while you're backpacking in Asia), please contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

december 2016-10

Water in abundance ....

After an extremely dry period, the subsequent wet time has also been extreme. During our visit it was raining, correction: pouring, several hours per day. Then the covered greenhouse is useful because all other crop gets destroyed. For a short time only, the whole project is flooded but for days afterwards the muddy roads in the area remain impassable. But anyway we are happy with it, the pond is full and - typically in the subtropics - the crop grows back rapidly when it becomes dry and sunny.

Development of garden and greenhouse

Thanks to our partner Rijk Zwaan we were able to contact with a major regional player in seeds that thrive in the tropics: East-West Seed. They bring us expertise and experience. We hope to build on this relationship and make maximum use of it.

december 2016-11 

Sponsors, Donors

Gerard Hulisz from our sponsor Rijk Zwaan paid a visit to Samrong again late October Now everything was flooded and he was not happy with the status of the greenhouse since the old gardeners had left and we lack the knowledge of greenhouse construction. There is a new plan underway to improve this. 

With sponsor Vitesse we have secured a new three-year agreement.

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  On behalf of WWCF, we thank all of our sponsors and donors for your support!


Vanaf juli zijn er bij Samrong 7 nieuwe kinderen bijgekomen; in totaal zijn het er nu 67.
Sinds september dit schooljaar zijn er weer 6 kinderen doorgestroomd naar de universiteit waardoor er nu 16 studenten zijn. Ook zijn 4 kinderen naar een vakschool voor een kookopleiding gegaan.

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