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Samrong Farm is a great place for children to grow in self-confidence, skills and education. In February 2015 we had the chance to become part of the Samrong family and spent 2 weeks living with and teaching the children to whom this is their home. The children there are fun loving and positive individuals who love to welcome visitors. On our first day at Samrong we didn't really know what to expect, however we were welcomed straight away and we were able to get stuck in, helping the children with their daily routines of watering the gardens. The children at Samrong are very sociable and enjoyed finding out about our lives and telling us about theirs.

During our time at Samrong, the children were split into 2 groups, the beginners and intermediates in one and the advanced in the other. As a qualified teacher in England, Charlotte became responsible for the children in the beginners/intermediate as we felt that this is where the real need would be. Teaching a range of abilities in England in one class is the norm, however when the children range from 5 to 17 years old, this is when it becomes difficult, this was due to a lack in volunteers during our time there. The children enjoyed practising their English both in and out of classes. Due to the time of our visit, we were able to celebrate Chinese New Year and the children enjoyed learning about how it is celebrated and the meaning behind it. In the Advanced class, the children were able to learn about the Cambodian Government and were able to produce a tourist leaflet for visitors of Cambodia. Due to Matt's love of music, he was able to give out a few guitar lessons to a few of the boys which they really enjoyed.

The highlight of stay was watching one of the little boys grow in confidence. When we arrived he would smile shyly at us from behind somebody else however by the time we left, he was our best friend and would come and find us each day. It really was a heart-melting moment. One of the things that stood out the most to us was how independent the children were, they plan their days around helping on the farm, doing their washing, helping to cook and studying. The older children especially are very dedicated to their studies. Samrong has a real family feeling and it was lovely to see the older children helping the younger ones to get washed and to wash their clothes.

We are not able to finish writing without a special mention to Mamma, who spends her days cooking and looking after the volunteers and visitors. She is amazing.

This orphanage has many good resources which allows the children to lead a good life.

Charlotte & Matt

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