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•  WWCF stands for World Wide Children Farms.

•  WWCF is an independent Dutch organization involved in the running of the Children Orphanage Samrong near Phnom Penh , Cambodia. WWCF is registered in the Chamber of Commerce, registration number 24361314.

•  WWCF is a non-profit organization (NGO) operating entirely with volunteers in a small board, against minimal expense. The Dutch overhead is only 7,5%.

•  WWCF originates from the Stichting Kerkenbedrijf which is involved in several international projects; the founder Mr Sjef Philipsen is still an active driving force behind WWCF today.

•  WWCF offers children opportunities and a future!



What is a children farm?
What does WWCF want to achieve?
Children's Orphanage Samrong
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Regularly, WWCF board discusses the progress at Samrong with the main sponsors. Recently we had one of these meetings with Rijk Zwaan. They are specifically connected with the greenhouse project and the solar systems for the irrigation of the vegetable garden. Pictured from left to right: Ir Heleen Bos (Rijk Zwaan), WWCF secretary Simone van der Putten, WWCF-boardmember and founder Sjef Philipsen and Ir Gerard Hulisz (Rijk Zwaan). 

Support in the Netherlands:
Stichting WWCF
Pascalweg 49
3076 JL Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10-4199188
E-mail: info@wwcf.nl

Bankaccount: 4655035
IBAN code:
NL17 INGB 0004 655 035
RSIN: 813164151

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The English version of the Annual Report 2012 as prepared by our secretary is now downloadable from this site
Download the annual 2012 here 

Please enjoy reading this document which highlights all major activities of CCSF and WWCF throughout the year. And there are lots of pictures also!

The financials are also included.